Artist Statement

I inscribe texts directly in the encaustic using a prescribed method and limited means. The meaning of these texts is ultimately sacrificed by the adding and subtracting of the layers of wax: the re-inscriptions and the deletions. This process allows me to transcend the limits of alteration and saturation while creating expressive and sensitive surfaces where the content, at first textual, becomes illegible.

In these palimpsests, the writings are transformed and become traces of depositories of silence. It is a subdued silence, full of contradictions since it originates from sociological reflections that are never really communicated.  This refusal to make my reflections and questions about society accessible, is also a refusal to take part in the excessive public disclosure of oneself that we witness, for instance, on the internet and on social media.

The paradox of writing an idea about the non-read and the incommunicability interests me. During this long and tedious process, a tribute to slowness, I experiment with and reflect on silence as a regulator of communication. This systemic scrambling is a kind of investigation of the thinking process and of the complexity of the consciousness; the movement of the thought process that is continually interrupted while simultaneously being modified. While inscribing/writing, in order to slow down the stream of thoughts, I leave a trace of this process, of what was once but is no longer.


Detail, encaustic painting on wood
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